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4 Wheel Drive Angel Story

On December 1,1985 the 10:00 evening news announced that, due to the intense snow storm, people should only attempt to drive in the event of an emergency. The snow was so deep, in fact, even the snow plows where getting stuck!

That's when my water broke. I was 9 months pregnant and even though the hospital was just 10 minutes away, the ambulance could not get to us.

We decided to go in our truck, which was not 4 wheel drive. The drifts of snow were 3 feet and more deep.

All I could think of was getting to the hospital. My contractions were becoming faster and more frequent. The fear of getting stuck and having the baby in the truck was becoming a reality.

Finally, we could see the hospital. Thank goodness we were almost there. Then we got stuck!

The pain was unbearable and my situation seemed impossible.

I tried to walk but the snow was up to the top of my legs and I had to go back to the truck.

"I am going to die!" I thought. "My baby and I are going to die here!"

I closed my eyes and started to cry. All of a sudden the brightest light was shining into the cab of our truck. For a moment I could not tell where it was coming from. That's when my husband's door opened and there stood the tallest man I ever saw.

He looked like Moses and he was driving the biggest 4 wheel truck I've ever seen. His 4 wheel drive truck was called "SNOWBALL."

It took the two of them to get me in the big truck and the whole time I'm thanking him and asking him how he knew we were there and needed help.

A few minutes later we were at the door of the hospital and just about to go inside. I had to know his name. I turned to ask and he was gone. Him and his 4 wheel drive angel was gone in the blink of an eye.

I didn't see him go. But he was there and then gone in big 4 wheel drive snowball truck.

I believe with all my heart and soul that God sent an angel in a 4-wheel drive pick-up to get us to the hospital that night. Thank you God for the 4 Wheel Drive Angel.

After my daughter was born the doctors said had we not made it in we both could have died. The umbilical cord was wrapped around her neck three times and, during the delivery, I had a grand mal seizure.

I thank God every day and I still look for that "SNOWBALL" every winter.

This 4 wheel drive angel story
was written by Gina.

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